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To help get things started with your day, we have outlined some of our most popular options below. At the end of the page, you’ll be able to select which of these options interest you most and tell us a little bit more about the event you’re thinking of running. We’re here to help, so please get in touch with any questions at all.

Pro Clinic Options

The way I typically like to do them if I’m by myself is; briefly cover what I would do as a warm-up routine, how to vary the height/spin of wedge shots, working into the irons and covering how to shape shots (draw, fade, etc), go over some of the common faults I see in swings, general advice for course management, and explaining how trackman is used and what the numbers are for, then finish off with some drivers measuring the swing speed on a trackman and any “requested” shots. Following that, I’ll either leave the trackman station set-up and guide any players through that are interested in using it before they tee off, or work my way up and down the range offering tips for those that would like them.

As an alternative option we’ll have a teaching pro (or multiple pro’s for larger days) on hand at the range and on the putting green to offer tuition and tips to guests before they tee off. We also offer a service where players swings can be filmed on the range or first tee and then analysis sent to them by email.

Trick-shot shows

These are a highly interactive experience for event guests. They can either be by themselves, showcasing the incredible hand-eye co-ordination of the trick shot artist, or as part of a clinic mixed in with the above. Both options are great, but something that is fairly unusual is mixing the clinic of a tour pro with the trick shot routine. This, combined with an emphasis on audience interaction and participation, is a fun and relaxed way to start the day and “break the ice”, and is also effective as pre-dinner entertainment after guests have come in from the course. We recommend Geoff Swain and Kevin Carpenter.


We use Trackman at golf events in the following ways:

1- Trackman to be used as part of a pro and/or trick shot clinic

2- Trackman station on the range for guests to use before their round

3- Set up on course, or on the first tee - all guests swings and data captured and sent out as a follow-up link (Click here for example link) you’ll notice that company & sponsor logos can be included. Text can be customised to suit.

VPAR Live Scoring System

VPAR are the market leaders in Live Scoring. We have been trained to use the devices and run the service ourselves. This system enables amateur golfers to feel the thrill of live scoring on the course, and keep up with how they are getting on relative to other groups in the same way the pro’s can. Each 4-ball is given one scoring device, rather than a traditional scorecard. This also has built in team and individual leaderboards that are constantly updated throughout the round.

Learn more about VPAR - HERE

On-course gin bar

Set up with a premium gin such as Hendricks, fully complete with a bar tender, and full range of tonic waters, soda and garnishes. We have stationed this on a par 3 at our events and dubbed it “Nearest the gin”, using Gin bottles as tee markers and the prize being a large bottle of the gin!

Other on-course refreshments

At the majority of our events we set up the first tee with a full range of snacks and refreshments for the round. Depending on the size of the event will have several other stations set up around the course. Charged to the host company on consumption. For larger events we can also arrange food/drink trucks to be stationed out on the course.

Post round games

We currently run a ‘Champagne putting challenge’, “CHIPPO” chipping game and a ‘flop shot challenge’ (who can hit their ball over the ‘wall’ from the closest) as close as possible to the patio/terrace/post-round drinks area. (More info on what Chippo  is - HERE).

Fitness/guided warm-up

I work with Olly Foster who is a well known personal trainer and highly respected in the industry. Olly also specialises in training for golf, and will be able to take guests through a warm-up before their round and offer expert nutritional advice and fitness tips. I’ve found that the vast majority of golfers arrive with some sort of ache/pain and there is just a general lack of knowledge about how to warm up before playing. Perhaps a good option for the more serious golf crowd! Olly runs his warm-ups on the range and will have several times to allow the later starters to warm up closer to their tee time.

Further info on Olly & his golf fitness program HERE

Pre-round Business Workshops

Jamil Qureshi is a performance coach, psychologist, author and keynote speaker. He works with a host of celebrity sports people, as well as global businesses, and was the official psychological performance coach for the European Ryder Cup team in 2006, where they won by a record equalling margin. Jamil’s services at golf events include thought provoking pre-round business workshops and golf psychology talks where Jamil offers tips for the everyday golfer and shares stories from players he has worked with across the various professional tours.

Further info on Jamil HERE

First tee shot tracer

Tee shot tracers are used on tv coverage from tour events where a line follows the ball flight through the air. We set up a camera on the first tee and edit the footage into a video that is played to guests as they sit down for dinner. This goes down well as there is usually a huge mix of shots to see!

Club cleaning

This is an ultrasonic club cleaning/valet service. All players’ clubs are professionally cleaned on arrival, in the bag drop area. A great way to set the tone for the day when guests arrive. 

Hole in one prizes

From a straight up cash prize to cars, flights, holidays and new golf clubs. We offer a wide range of hole in one prizes across all Par 3’s on the course.

Welcome gifts

We have sampled various suppliers to make sure everything we order in this area is high quality, including but not limited to; premium brand golf balls, leather tote bags, tees, pitch forks, bottle openers, clothing, etc.

Signage & Banners

We offer a wide range of banners and signage for use around the clubhouse, practice areas and on the course.

Pro-Am Format

Each group comprises 3 amateurs/guests with 1 professional golfer who will show off their skills whilst guiding you round the course, offering stories and golf tips along the way


As a guide, most of the above options will individually be in the £750 to £1500 range depending on the exact size of the day.

Our management fee varies by event size.

At some venues, a split-tee start or shotgun fee may be payable. For a split tee start, this generally in the range of £500-1500. The fees for shotgun starts and exclusive use vary by venue.

Buggy hire is typically in the £40-50 range per buggy | Electric trollies £15-20 each | Pull trolleys £5-10

Hotel Stays

We offer discounted rates at all host venues with on-site accommodation

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