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Tuition Days


Tuition Days at Woburn Golf Club

in association with TOUR Coach Dan Grieve


Unique Experience

The day is limited to just 12 players and gives you individual and group time with a top PGA coach, and touring professional player. Any level of golfer can benefit from this day. Our guests will learn some shots that we’ve worked on for TOUR golf so you can impress your mates. You'll never go back to relying on magazine tips again!

The Coaching

All coaching days take place on the world-class practice facilities at Woburn Golf Club. We’ll improve your long-game, putting and short-game through a combination of expert coaching and tour player demonstration. European Tour players at the British Masters in 2015 called Woburn the best facility of the season.


Using your Skills

The day takes place entirely on the world-class practice facilities. Each section of the day ends with competitive challenges and skills tests, such as longest drive using Trackman technology and 'Par 3' course tournament on the short game area. Each player will also be sent their own personal lesson notes and videos to refer to as they continue to practice by themselves after the coaching day.

Other Info

Your tuition day starts with breakfast in the clubhouse, breaks for lunch after the morning coaching session and concludes with a BBQ and prize-giving at the short-game area. The day begins at 9:30am and will conclude at 5pm. The cost for this day is based on 12 players, although packages for other sizes are available upon request.